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If you are the individual who absolutely, positively needs the correct answers to MIPS questions, you need to know the Federal Register.  And you already know how challenging it can be to navigate, research and even to annotate your own marginal comments.  
Download our annotated version of the MIPS Proposed Rule, and save yourself some time and a lot of aggravation!  It is free, collaborative and non-advertising.  Simply download, open in a PDF viewer, and become light-years more productive.  
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"THANK YOU so much for providing these “Cliff Notes” which are an invaluable resource!!  I printed out all 962 pages of the CFR, but am making miserably slow progress on getting through them!!  Having this interactive version of the NPRM will make my study much easier!  You were the first one to start commenting on the NPRM, and your comments on healthcare regulatory and compliance issues are the ones I usually forward to our organization’s upper management.  I can rely on your expertise and insight into everything that has impacted Meaningful Use over the years and affects my position here as a Meaningful Use Guru."


"Thanks Jay to you and your team at Meaningful Use Monitor for assembling this compilation.  It makes my studies much easier!"
"I have attended several webinars and seminars on MIPS, and found all so far to be unsatisfactory.  I really appreciate the sharing of your thoughts and your structured approach to studying this complex material"